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Migrating This Website to HTTPS

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace the Secure-Socket Layer

I recently converted racecondition.software to HTTPS. This post discusses this change and will act as a smoke test, by which I mean that if this post doesn’t show up in my RSS reader, I will have more work to do.


Changing Immigration's Business Model to Subscriptions

Motivation and Benefits

I recently changed the business model of my iOS app Immigration from paid-up-front to free-with-subscription. This post describes the reasons for and results of this change. The target audience for my blog has heretofore been, and will always remain, iOS-app developers, but, in a break with tradition, the target audience for this post is people affected by this change, in particular the app’s users. Because they are mainly lawyers, I hereby give myself permission to use legalese like “heretofore”.