Race Condition

A Blog by Josh Adams


I’m a software developer in San Francisco, California. Although my primary focus is Swift, I have also written code in Atari BASIC, GFA BASIC, HyperTalk, C++, C, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, Objective-C, BASH, and JavaScript.

Software is both my career and my hobby. As a hobbyist, I have released three iOS apps: Immigration, RaceRunner, and Conjugar. I have also released a variety of open-source libraries.

My interests outside software are wide-ranging and include linguistics, population genetics, geography, podcasts, and jam bands.

This website is largely a clone of Jesse Squires’s website, though it will likely diverge over time as I get the hang of web development in general and Jekyll in particular. I thank Mr. Squires for sharing the implementation of his website with the public.

You can contact me here.

Josh Adams